By the middle of the 1990s, the main hall of Abeokuta Sports Club which was the main hub of activities within the club had become congested and therefore inadequate to house all members especially in the evenings after all retire from their games.

A group of young men who share common ideas came together to from what was to be Social Section of the club. The need to inject new ideas and vistas into the social activities in order to enhance the club outlook was foremost in the founding fathers’ mind.

Toward achieving their aims and objectives, these set of forward looking young men who believed in breaking new grounds voluntarily contributed cash and kind, while they freely offered their professional and technical know- how for the development of their pet project – Moonlight Section. The physical structure of the Moonlight Section consists of a building with a sizeable pavilion, an air – conditioned executive room and bathroom and toilets suitable for Queens and Kings.

In front of the pavilion building are four roomy round – huts. Since putting up the edifice it has been the cynosure of all eyes, most especially new members and visitor to the club. It is indeed an architectural master piece a thing of beauty. The section was built through contributions by members and donations from friends within and without the club. The section’s affairs are directed by an executive committee headed by a Mayor. At inception the Section was coordinated by Chief A. Oriade.

The first Mayor to lead the section was however Doctor Akin Owanikin who was succeeced by Mr. lekan Lukan, while the incumbent Mayor is Mr. adegoke Omotosho. Member of the Moonlight Section also belong to other game playing and social sections of the club and are made – up of both the old and the young who have distinguished themselves in their various callings. There is hardly any known lawful profession which does not have members of the section in it.