“The Game of DARTS was initially tagged a PUB GAME because of its origin and it was game played to while away leisure hours”. The History of DARTS in Abeokuta sport Club could not be told without mentioning that the first Dartboard was mounted very close to the Main Bar as it used to be in European Club and Pubs. At the inception of Ogun State in 1976, Darts enthusiasts started joining the Club and this made the game to witness a tremendous improvement which prompted the birth of Darts section at the present Library sometimes in the easily 80s.

Abeokuta Sports Club with its Darts Section fully registered and affiliated to the then ALL NIGERIA DART FEDERATION (ANDF) came into limelight in 1989 when a Darter from the Club, Capt Afolabi Abiodun Adeyemi (Rtd)won the National Championship Trophy in 501 singles (Men) in June Game at Kaduna, Kaduna, State. Words of Encouragements and regular visits by the then National Game Coordinator, Prof.O.Kale boosted the morale of the section to the section and members which prompted the relocation of the section to the present site. The section experienced some set backs due to transfer and movement of some prominent members for about two to three years but was able to bounce back in 1998.

The present National Game Coordinator, Mr. Dominc Lafia from Makurdi also played a very vital role in re- awakening members of the section and made it possible for hosting of the year 2000 interstates, Championship tagged “ABEKUTA A 2000” in February 2000. The then president of the Club Chief Oladipo Odulate, the Chairman of the section, Mr. A.O. Oyenira and members of the section worked hard for the success of the competition which was adjudged the best organized Tournament of Dart Federation of Nigeria as at that time. With the success recorded in the Housing of this Toutnament, our club was proposed to present a candidate for the post of South West Zonal Coordinator at the October Game in Ilesa and Billy Aiknsola was given the post which he is still occupying to date.

The section is solidly backed by the following distinguished elders of the club (1) Chief Kuforiji Rotimi (2) Justice Olufemi O.Odunlami (3) Chief fola F. Obadara and (4) Olotu Ogo – Oluwa Bankole.

The History of Darts Section will not be complete without remembering all our dearly  beloved members who have passed to the great  beyond (1) Late Mr. Awounga (2) Mr. Olu Motanmi alias Baba NEPA and Engr. Samuel Olusegun Otlana (Sammy – Tiana) They have contributed immensely to the development of the Game of Dart during their lifetime May their Gentle Soul Rest in Peace (Amen).