About The Club

That Abeokuta Sport Club was founded in 1904 was not in doubt because the research into the archives showed that the Gold Coast (now Ghana) visited the club in 1913. It is also on record that the club started as a meeting point for relaxation for members of the West African Command Headquarters. The place was also used to interact with the elites in the town.

Soon after a golf course was established and later cricket pitch, tennis court, and billiards room were established in the club premises and some of the games are still in place today. The sporting activities of the club developed to a high standard which enabled the club to win many sporting trophies in the country and outside the country.

This Club is reputed to be the oldest on the West Coast of Africa. Document available show that the land on which it stands now was leased to the club on the 23rd March 1932. There are also sporting records that dated back to 1929. The club had been actively involved in the games of golf, shooting, cricket, football, motor car racing, tennis, billiards and snooker in the early thirties. There is proof to show competitions between the club and other rather old and defunct in the country. Like the annual cricket fixtures with the likes of the Lagos cricket club, African cricket club, king college Lagos, St. Gregory’s college, and Ibadan recreation club.

In the evening there were full – length film shows. Films were loaned from the Nigerian Motion Pictures Ltd., the American motion picture Ltd., the British Council and the United State Information Service. The club had its own cinematography projector and screen. There was formal monthly guest night where guests of members were invited, a full band in attendance and the dress code formal.

Arrangement was also made with some clubs whose members could enjoy the facilities of the club when they were in town and whose facility members could use when they traveled out. Examples were Ibadan Recreation Club, Ibadan Tennis Club Apapa Club and the Army Mess. Modalities that were renewable annually were worked out. Token fees were usually paid. The arrangement is still in force.

The early sixties saw a more active role being played by Nigerian in the administration of the club while many Nigerian held officer in the past the first Nigerian president of the Club was the late Dr. A. Okuboyejo followed by Dr. A. Asuni, Chief Bayo Sosan Chief Tunji Fadairo , Engineer V.O. A. Ajayi, Engineer Kunle Marinho, Dr. Akin Majekodumi, Hon. Justice Olufemi Odunlami Late Chief Oluremi Akinsola, Chief Alfred Popoopa, Chief Abayomi Ademefun, Justice Demola Bakre (Sole Administrator) Mr. Adebayo Adeemi, Chief Samusideen Ayoride, Alhaji Ganiyu Egbeyemi, Chief Soniran Sowemimo JP , Chief Ogo –Oluwa Bankole, Chief Oladipo Odulate, Professor Olasumbo Martins and Mr. Olarewaju Sobayo, the current President.

We should also remember European President that contributed a lot the development of the Club among whom were Mr Bill Burrows, Captain B.W.Macphenson, Mr. D.W. Farlene, M.E. Clubs, Mr.Frederick Bradford Adams, Captian Cecil Burleigh Wolfe and Captain Henry Mason.

Apart from the role played by these founding father, other who also made their marks in the development of then club, were; Major W. Davidson, Lt. D.G. Stewart Smith, Mr. D.D Anderson, Mr. H Sponftswoode, Mr G.O’ Mr. J. Dunston , Dr.A.J. Murray, Mr. E. Callow, Rev. I.N.Patterson, Rev.M Carew. Others were Dr. B.G. Wren, Major J. Lotain(K.O.S.B),Mr. M Koutesis, Lt Col, A.R.A. Garston Mr. D.Sergent and Mr. O.A.McDermott.

Recently according to the constitution of the club, Vice patrons were appointed, they were the past presidents of the club and very few from outside the club. Late Dr. A. Okuboyejo (the first African president of the club), the late Chief Tunji Fadairo, Engineer Kunle Marinho, Dr Akin Majekodunmi, Hon Justice Olufemi Odunlami, Chief Alfred Popoola, Chief Adebisis Macgregor, Chief Mrs Adebisi dionsere, Others are Chief Adebayo Adeyemi, Chief Samshdeen Ayorinde, Alhaji Guniyu Egbeyemi, Chief Soniran Sowemimo JP,Chief Abayomi Ademefun, Bashoru A.A. Adesanya, the Oniru of Iruland, Oba Abiodun Ron. Justice Gabsiu Ademola Bakre Chief Nelson Olayiwole Oyesiku.