abeokuta sports club
founded in 1904

That Abeokuta Sport Club was founded in 1904 was not in doubt because the research into the archives showed that the Gold Coast (now Ghana) visited the Club in 1913. it is also on record that the Club started as a meeting point for relaxation for members of the West African Command Headquarters. The place was also used to interact with the elites in the town.

oon after a Golf Course was established and later Cricket Pitch, Tennis Court, and Billiards Room were established in the Club premises and some of the games are still in place today. The sporting activities of the Club developed to a high standard which enabled the Club to win many sporting trophies in the country and outside the country.

This Club is reputed to be the oldest on the West Coast of Africa. Document available show that the land on which it stands now was leased to the club on the 23rd March 1932. There are also sporting records that dated back to 1929. 

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